I’ve been filling out journals all of my life. In fifth grade my teacher told me to Keep It Simple Stupid because I kept going over the word count in my essays. In high school I chose Creative Writing, English Literature, and Honours English as my electives. So I guess you can say it was my ~destiny~ to become a writer.

It was in university that I started writing publicly and for print (for the school newspaper), which is a big deal given my confidence-of-a-snail nature at times. After graduation, I asked myself, why not keep the ball rolling?

I now have a column on the Vancouver Is Awesome blog titled “The Enlightened Nerd” where I write about, you guessed it, nerdy things to enlighten Vancouverites!

I also followed another passion of mine, music, and I contribute to BeatRoute Magazine’s electronic music and hip-hop section.

My latest work includes writing for BCIT’s LINK Magazine, a student run online and print publication where I focus on social media food trends. I have also begun reviewing music shows for the Concert Addicts blog.

Check out my work below!


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