Odesza at the Commodore December 9th

I was finally able to witness Odesza’s casual majestic beats last night at the Commodore Ballroom and it was grand. My boyfriend scored these tickets a few months ago, back when I was still wearing shorts in Ecuador, and since then the show has been far away on a distant…

Freaknight Festival

Freak Night Festival 2015
Here is a review of my Freak Night Festival experience. Perhaps skip this entry if you believe Freak Night to be the most amazing festival ever. Also, feel free to skim to a summarized pro/con chart at the bottom of this post if you don’t feel like reading all my rambles.
What: Freak Night 2015 Halloween Music Festival
When: Friday October 31st and Saturday November 1st
Where: Tacoma Dome, Washington

Ecuador, South America

Sometimes I like to daydream/procrastinate and plan trips for Future Karo and that is where I found myself in July 2015 – looking at pictures of goofy llamas and wanting to visit Peru. I had found the perfect trip when I realized that one must book their Machu Picchu tour…

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