#WordOfTheDay: Wisteria

Wisteria: a type of shrub with hanging clusters of pale blue, lilac, or white flowers. Origin: early 1800s, wistaria (new latin) after U.S. anatomist, Captain Wistar Example: The television show “Desperate Housewives” took place on Wisteria Lane.

#WordOfTheDay: Facetious

Facetious: not taking something seriously/not to be taken seriously Origin: end of 1500s, facete (Latin for clever/witty) + ious Synonyms: flippant, amusing, sardonic, humorous. Example: “Why are you being so facetious about the dangers of drugz yo?”

Noble Oak in Translation

I recently finished up my next piece for BeatRoute Magazine on the electronic music artist, Noble Oak. I interviewed Vancouver-born, Toronto-living Patrick Fiore, better known under his producer name, Noble Oak. I feel really good about the piece because it went so naturally well from start to finish. I hadn’t…

Heroshe: Mood ft. Footwork

An extended version of my interview for BeatRoute Magazine with rhythm-driven Vancouver producer, Heroshe, aka Sam Charles.  A melancholic piano melody introduces the first track on Heroshe’s debut EP, “Jukes from the 6” followed by the crispy voice of Drake himself echoing in the background “it’s like I know what I got…


It’s been awhile since I’ve been in Wordpress Land (since I’ve been away in Thailand and the Philippines) but I’ve been writing almost every day and I’ll have posts and photos up on Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Koh Samui, Pangasinan, Bagiuo, and Puerto Princesa very soon! For now, here are some favourite recent tracks:…

HUCCI at Celebrities February 27th

I can finally cross Hucci off my long bucket list of trap producers to see live: Hucci Flosstradamus RL Grime Bauuer Keys n Krates Grandtheft GTA Yellow Claw Carnage Hug Life Slander NGTMRE What So Not Thugli Ookay ECT! ECT! UZ gLAdiator heRobust GameFace Aero Chord Lookas CRNKN T-Mass I first heard…


This Saturday is dedicated to planning out my Thailand/Philippines trip and applying for scholarships/bursaries for school for the fall. Yay, productivity. Songs of the day are examples of why I love electronic music so much – revamping nostalgic & classic songs with the modernity of today.

Street Ninja

I’ve really been feeling certain black gear lately.  It’s a mix of street goth, health goth, the athleisure trend, and the general nonchalance and mystery of a ninja. Street Ninja Inspo  Origins: Street goth – monochromatic palettes (black), long cuts, minimalism Health goth – monochrome (black and white) sports wear, Net art, mesh