The Office Trivia at the Pint

It’s the last week of January already!

Gosh, time flies (said everyone). February is cool though, it’s the shortest month. After which is March, after which my second semester ends and I get a week off!

Last week was cool. I think the highlight was attending The Office Trivia Night at the Pint, here in Vancouver. I’m a trivia dork, especially when it comes to my most favourite television shows.

First of all, I love the Pint’s menu. There were so many things I wanted to try (especially their 40-way wings). Our five person group ended up ordering their “Full Pint Platter,” which was on promotion for $19 from $34. We asked for sliders, wings, potato wedges, nachos, and some veggies. It was massive, super filling and I’m still thinking about it five days later.

The Office Trivia at the Pint consisted of six rounds of ten questions. They ranged from tricky, spot-on questions (like, “what was the name of the disease Jim invented for when your teeth melt and drip down your throat?”) to easier give-aways (like, “finish this sentence: bears. beets. ________.”)

There was two hundred people (!) in attendance and we scored 50/60, which isn’t bad at all, but we didn’t win unfortunately. There were a lot of superfans in there! There were a few folks dressed as Dwight, and a team with cue-cards taped to their foreheads (see episode: “Diversity Training”). At the end of the night there was a “Best Office Impersonation” contest and it was amazing. There was a girl who actually had Dwight’s Perfect Crime memorized.

If you’re thinking of attending the Pint’s next Office Trivia Night, I would definitely recommend it. If you’ve seen every episode at least once (the more, the better), and watched some top moments on YouTube, you’re good to go. I would just suggest buying tickets early (before it sells out) and getting there early (for better seats.) And don’t forget to order their platter!

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