Bijou, the Perfect Example of the G-House Electronic Music Genre

New day, new electronic music subgenre.

One of the latest reincarnations of house music, is G-House, also known as Gangster House. It’s essentially gangster beats (rap and hip hop) fused with the groovin’, dark, and deep sounds of house. This article on Raver Raftin’ does a good job outlining the genre and how limitless it is.

Shiba San is a good example of the G-House genre, as well as SNBRN. G-House hit the scene around 2014, but with artists like Drezo and Bijou popping up now and making an impression, I feel like the genre is getting more of the attention it deserves. It’s normally associated with intimate club settings, but maybe we’ll start hearing the straight-up thuggin’ and sexy beats at larger festivals now (like when Drezo opened at Contact Winter Music Festival 2016 in Vancouver!)

Let me just get this out now: I love house music. My love for it fully developed after attending Shambhala Music Festival (and witnessing the Dirty Bird Takeover at the Pagoda stage). House music is minimal, rhythmic, and excellent for grooving to, dancing and working out. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!

Lately I’ve been listening to this Bijou mix at the gym, 100% G-House Certified. Just try listening to the 30 minute mix on the treadmill!

G-House Guru Bijou is kind of the shit right now. He’s also touring across the United States, so American friends should hit up a show.

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