Vancouver Musician NRTH Releases Dancey New Track “Wreckless”

Vancouver-based indie-pop producer and singer NRTH, known personally as Stephen Kloppenburg, is someone to look out for in 2017. With two original songs released so far, his latest track “Wreckless” has already accrued thousands of listens on YouTube and SoundCloud, and he is working relentlessly to release his first studio album.

The catchy track “Wreckless” incorporates both analog and electronic elements, with Stephen’s warm and vibrant voice layered over top, creating a dancey, electro-pop feel. In the song the protagonist tells a woman to unleash all of her frustrations on him, asking her to embrace the moment and release her burdens, if only momentarily.

The independent artist fluctuates between indie pop and electro rock, as he takes inspiration from extensive experiences in his life, making his sound easy to recognize but harder to assign. “From the guitar driven blues of small town bars, to the hip hop and trap sounds of inner city art galleries, and the pulsing dance beats of wild festivals, diverse creativity echoes throughout,” Stephen declares in his artist biography.

Stephen grew up on the countryside, moving to the city at seventeen years old where he bought his first guitar and taught himself to play. For the past decade, he has been tirelessly crafting his sound, often galvanized by the intense life moments he has had (like working on an oil rig, struggling with debt, and a car crash).

With every aspect of NRTH’s sound, performance, design and promotion carried out by the solo artist himself, NRTH is ready for the fight emerging artists have to face in the worldwide music ring. He reflects nothing but grit, assurance and determination.

Check out NRTH’s new track “Wreckless” below.

You can also check out the pastel-adorned music video with lyrics on YouTube.

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